~Traditional Flavors~

 Butter (Yellow)         Millah Vanilla (White)
 Chocolate                 Strawberry Marble
 Coconut                   Chocolate Marble
 Lemon

Icing- Butter cream (vanilla, chocolate, lemon),
Cream cheese, Glaze (lemon, vanilla almond), and Whipped.

Fillings- Lemon, strawberry, chocolate fudge, raspberry,  
and coconut. $.25 additional per serving.

Specialty Flavors~

 Dulce de leche ~ Delicate butter cake covered and layered
with caramel icing.

 Red Velvet ~ Old-fashioned red velvet cake layered with
toasted pecan filling and covered with cream cheese icing.

 Tropical Sunset*~ Coconut cake layered with pineapple  
filling and finished in vanilla butter cream.

 German Chocolate ~ German chocolate cake layered and
topped with coconut pecan icing. (Chocolate butter cream

 Lemon Split Decision~ White cake layered with lemon
curd, lemon filling, and raspberry puree` finished in vanilla
butter cream.

 Lemon-Lime Soda Pop~ Buttery lemon pound cake made
with 7up soda and drizzled with lemon glaze.

 Pineapple Upside Down~ Pineapple cake baked atop a mix
of butter, brown sugar, pineapple, and cherries.

 Candy Bar Implosion*~ White cake with layers of
caramel pecan filling sandwiched between chocolate sheets
covered in chocolate butter cream.

Icing and Fillings: Caramel, Coconut Pecan, Caramel Pecan,
Chocolate Ganache, Lemon curd (filling only).  $.35
additional per serving.

*Sweetest Things Original Flavors.

© 2008 The Sweetest Things Bakery.  All Rights Reserved.